Every day can be Leg Day with the FeetUp Trainer! Here are 5 fun exercises to build more lower body strength & balance in your fitness practice. The videos shows multiple variations for each routine to support your practice at every level. Remember: Listen to your body, make adjustments that work for you, and focus on proper alignment instead of speed or quantity of reps. Every body is different!

SQUAT PROGRESSIONS (5 - 8 reps, 3 rounds)

Squats are a lower body exercise that mainly target thighs and glutes. Start standing with feet shoulder distance apart. Keep core engaged as you sit down towards the FeetUp Trainer (think "butt back" instead of "bend knees"). Can't reach the cushion yet? Stop at chair pose! From a seated position, tilt torso forward to pour weight back into the feet before standing up.



A pistol squat is a deep single-leg squat that lowers hamstring to calf. This progression builds the strength and mobility to help get you there. Start in a standing position in front the your FeetUp Trainer. Shift weight onto one foot and lift opposite knee. Bend standing leg to evenly lower hips to cushion. Keep knee lifted until fully seated, replacing both feet to the floor before standing back up. Raise the challenge level by extending the lifted leg before trying to stand back up after touching down.

TABLETOP LEG LIFTS (5 - 8 reps per side, 3 rounds)

Start in Floating Tabletop (knees centered on cushion, hands below shoulders to frame). One knee stays grounded as the opposite extends leg back with toes tucked. Keep hips square, INHALE raise back heel in line with shoulders, EXHALE lower foot down. Pro tip: Maintain core engagement and lift that back leg from the hip!



LOW LUNGE SQUAT STEPPERS (3 - 5 reps per side)

Step one foot forward from Supported Plank to Low Lunge and touch back knee to the floor. Extend back leg and return front foot to plank position. Work on slow, precise movements as you press through the hands to increase control & leverage. Once you get the rhythm down, add a small hop from low lunge to plank. Over time, expand the hop to alternate sides.


LEG LIFT TO WARRIOR 3 (3 - 5 reps per side)

Sharpen your standing single-leg balance on each side by supporting the lifted leg with toes to cushion. Once you feel grounded, tilt torso forward as you extend floating leg back to Warrior 3. For more support and control, reach hands down to the cushion to increase stability during the transition. Proper alignment is important to maintain safety! Always make sure knee and toes point in the same direction as the standing leg bends.