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Discover the amazing

feetUp® Trainer

A unique yoga partner that enriches your practice and ingeniously redefines inversions, without pressure on your neck or spine.

Recommended by yoga teachers
around the world!
Very easy and fun

Inversions for anyone, anytime.

years of practice before doing inversions? definitely not! children, your grandma or an athletically challenged friend can now get the health benefits of inversion right away

extremely easy
and fun to use

100% success
on your first try

100% benefits
in only 1 minute

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The safer way

No more fear or risk of injuries.

the “wow” effect of inversions can now be experienced without risk of slipping or tipping over, and most importantly, without pressure on your neck and spine

makes inversion safer
and you fearless

decompresses your cervical spine

beneficial to the whole
family, even grandpa

Next level yoga

Expand your practice in wow-ways.

countless ways to be creative and add something special to your yoga routine, while strengthening your core and upper body

expands your
practice creatively

your core

works your arms,
shoulders and back

Discover FeetUp® Yoga  
Motivated and relaxed

That’s you,
supported by FeetUp®

a unique training partner that keeps you motivated to stick to your regular workouts, and helps you relax after a full-body routine

boosts your head's
blood circulation

relaxes your shoulders
and upper posture

your in-home
movement motivator

Relax like a yogi  

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