From our very beginning, sustainability been one of FeetUp’s highest priorities. We treat our suppliers fairly, invest back into the communities that support our production, and have carefully crafted an ethically vegan item that contains no animal products.

“But what does that mean?”

Vegetarianism is broadly defined as the practice of avoiding the consumption of meat—typically including red meat, fish, and poultry).Veganism tends to be seen as a strict vegetarian lifestyle in which one completely avoids the consumption or use of any animal-derived food (including dairy) or by-products (ex. leather and fur).

There are many reasons why people choose a plant-based lifestyle. Some are drawn to the health and nutritional benefits. Others have strong religious beliefs that guide their choices. Many believe that industrialized animal farming is socially unjust with a hugely negative impact on the environment, and most would readily agree how they love animals so much that they refuse to consume them.

Ethics are the chosen values that serve as guidelines for every decision we make. Whether or not it is healthier for the body, religiously congruent, or possibly better for the planet, the Ethical Vegan / Vegetarian is someone that advocates against animal cruelty in all forms in both word and action. If we have the option to easily live our lives without harming others—human and animal alike— there is only one thing that stops us from doing just that: ourselves.

“All of that sounds really great! But, still...
What does it mean?”

FeetUp believes strongly in trust, inclusion, and integrity—three factors that weigh heavily into our decision to create an ethically vegan product. Not only do we wish to support as many people as possible in their movement journey, we want people to feel great about investing in our vision! Making the choice to design our trainers using plant-based materials that are just as (if not better) durable and inviting than one that contains zero animal bi-products was a no-brainer, no matter the cost.

The FeetUp Trainer has been designed from the ground up as a support tool for everyone looking to switch perspectives without compromising belief. Our cushions are luxurious, our frames strong and stable, and our path is clear. There are so many obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of a comfortably safe inversion—personal ethics should not be one of them! As we continue to grow, we constantly learn how to better connect with the communities we serve. Let us know what you think! We’ll do our best to listen.