Share a practice with someone you love with these fun & flowing FeetUp Partner Drills.

There is more than one way to use your FeetUp Trainer. Once you’re comfortable & grounded, start adding in other movements to spice things up! All it takes is a little communication to synchronize.

Tag Team Vinyasa

This fun flow works on something often overlooked in a movement practice: PATIENCE. With one yogi on the frame and the other on the cushion, take turns moving from down dog to plank to updog. Challenge Level: BASIC


Twisted Low Lunge

Step forward from down dog to low lunge. Focus on keeping the Trainer grounded as you both open up to twist!


Standing Single Leg

This sequence requires coordinated movement to maintain balance. Make sure to discuss timing as you reach forward during that big step into single leg.


Leg Variation Flow

Here's the flow Inhale, Floating Tuck, Exhale, FeetUp Asana. Inhale, Wide Straddle. Exhale, Baddha Konasana. Inhale, Floating Tuck. Exhale, FeetUp Asana. Inhale, Floating Tuck. Exhale, Wide Straddle. Inhale, FeetUp Asana. Exhale, Pike Dismount!


Spotting FeetUp Asana

Some gentle guidance & solid support) works wonders to move FeetUp Asana away from the wall. Give enough room to move, keep an eye on hips & feet, and make sure not to do ALL the work for your partner ;)

Don’t worry about it looks. Bring awareness to how these partner drills FEEL!

Even when working with a friend, only you can decide what’s right for your body. We hope these helpful partner exercises provide guidance on how to share your FeetUp practice with others. Be safe & HAVE FUN!