Cork Slices

Cork Slices

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These tiny cork blocks fit in the spaces that normal-sized blocks don't fit. Pressure in the wrists? Place these under your palm for more lift. Tight calves in downward facing dog? Fill in the gap below your heels. Cork slices are also perfect for those times you want more grounding during inversions with your FeetUp Trainer.
Product Details
  • 100% Portuguese Cork
  • Made in Europe
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Let your head to touch the ground during inversions

FeetUp Cork Slices fill tiny spaces in your practice so you feel more grounded and secure.


In addition to being anti-microbial, cork is dust and water-resistant by nature.


Cork is a completely renewable resource made from the harvested bark of cork trees, done by hand without damaging the trunk.

100% Natural

We use only the finest sustainably-harvested Portuguese cork, free of chemicals or additives.

Every order
plants a new tree

Sustainability is our highest priority. FeetUp has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every order made.