Cork Massage Balls

Cork Massage Balls

Trigger point therapy made simple with cork massage balls
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Get focused pressure where it's needed most with a set of Cork Massage Balls. Trigger point massage promotes circulation to sore muscles & stiff joints. Myofacial release makes your body more receptive to stretching. Massage balls offer pinpoint accuracy for hard-to-reach areas with minimal effort.
Product Details
  • 100% Portuguese Cork
  • Made in Europe

2.6 in diameter, 0.26 lb

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Focused attention where you need it most

Give yourself a powerful trigger point massage with a set of FeetUp Cork Massage Balls. Enjoy pinpoint accuracy for hard-to-reach areas with minimal effort.


In addition to being anti-microbial, cork is dust and water-resistant by nature.


Cork is a completely renewable resource made from the harvested bark of cork trees, done by hand without damaging the trunk.

100% Natural

We use only the finest sustainably-harvested Portuguese cork, free of chemicals or additives.

Every order
plants a new tree

Sustainability is our highest priority. FeetUp has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant one tree for every order made.