FeetUp Yoga Course - 7h Video Series

FeetUp Yoga Course - 7h Video Series

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Want to learn Yoga in a fun and effective way? Look no further than the FeetUp Method! Whether you're a complete beginner or aspiring to become a Yoga master, we've got you covered in just 4 weeks.

Discover the art of easy Inversions and unlock all the amazing benefits Yoga has to offer with this 7 hour Video Course.

  • Relax your shoulders and lower back 
  • Build core strength & flexibility 
  • Awaken your senses for more wellbeing

With a total of 14 courses and a whopping 7 hours of video content, you'll be guided step by step towards your Yoga goals. So why wait? Join us on this exciting journey and let's get started!

Product Details
  • Practice inversions without pressure on your head or neck
  • Create confidence and freedom in your yoga practice
  • Find proper alignment in every pose
  • Master challenging asanas with ease
  • Build strength and increase flexibility while having fun
  • Add countless new exercises to your fitness routine
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Recommended by yoga teachers from all over the world

"The FeetUp Trainer makes the headstand easy and accessible for anyone at any level. This allows the headstand to be practiced safely, without any prior yoga knowledge." - Dr. Patrick Broome

"The FeetUp Trainer is genius! I've always been a great fan of turning the world upside down. Not only is it a healthy and invigorating practice with the FeetUp Trainer but it often helps me to develop new perspectives. I practice with the FeetUp Trainer on a daily basis." - Christine May

"I really love the FeetUp Trainer. I use it most days - it is great for sirsasana variations, setubandha, forward bends and more. I think it is a must have yoga assistant." - Alaric Newcombe