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The Story of FeetUp

Our founder Kilian Trenkle made a life-changing observation during his first yoga class in 2008: everyone wanted to have a perfect headstand, yet nobody looked like they were practicing safely or having fun.

A craftsman by heart, Kilian researched a variety of ways to make headstands more safe and easy. After many nights in the old family workshop, the first FeetUp Trainer was born!

Over a decade later, FeetUp has developed a wide selection of tools to help people around the world move better and feel great in their bodies. Our goal?

Create joyful movement for everyone & every body!

Our promises

Easy for Every Body

FeetUp creates simple tools to help every body create a joyful yoga practice.

Superior Craftsmanship

All products are made in family-owned and operated facilities in accordance to highest manufacturing standards of European quality.

Eco-Friendly Products

We use sustainably harvested wood, organic cork and recycled materials whenever possible.

About FeetUp

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