Trainer - Classic, White

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Safely experience inversions without putting any pressure on your head, neck, or spine. Explore more freedom in your yoga practice with confidence and FUN!

  • Master inversions safely and easily within minutes
  • Enjoy proper alignment with comfort and support
  • Build strength, flexibility, and balance
  • Expand range of motion with mindful control
  • Increase body awareness
  • Enrich your practice with countless new exercises!

Take your movement practice to the next level with the world's first ALL-IN-ONE personal yoga trainer for inverted postures, alignment support, and bodyweight fitness.


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  • Classic Wood Frame. Full product information  
  • Cushion, faux-leather (vegan) - White. Want to buy it separately?
  • Asana Support Poster with 100+ unique exercises to inspire your daily practice. Discover more  
  • FeetUp Practitioner's Manual - including Your First Inversion Guide
  • Assembly Kit (hardware & tools) 
    - takes only 5 minutes!
  • NEW! FeetUp Coasters - Smartphone holder for hands-free viewing of instructional videos. Read more >
  • NEW! 2 Weeks of Premium Membership to the FeetUp Experience™. Sounds interesting? Learn more >
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Graceful. Vegan. Sustainable.

Want to know more about your FeetUp Trainer? What it's made of?
What we mean by vegan and why sustainability is a big deal for us?
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extremely easy and fun to use

extremely easy
and fun to use

100% Success on the first try

100% success
on the first try

1 minute a day brings 100% benefits

only 1 minute / day
for 100% benefits

Movement Motivator in your Home

movement motivator
in your home

Vegan and Sustainable

fair, vegan and

5-star Customer Reviews

customer ratings

over 14 years of market experience

over 14 years
market experience

FeetUp® Community

a large community
and lots of inspiration


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