Trainer Classic - Black

$169 USD

Only fun & love for Yoga, and more freedom! No more fear of headstands, no more pressure on your neck, no more risk of injuries!

  • master inversions safely and easily, within minutes
  • build strength, flexibility and balance
  • enrich and refresh your practice with countless new FeetUp® Asanas and bodyweight exercises

WHY stress your neck and compress your spine practicing classic headstands? WHY risk an injury? WHY struggle and limit your practice?

Protect your body and take your practice to a new level with world's first personal yoga trainer for inverted postures, bodyweight fitness and inner balance.

Trainer Classic - Black
Trainer Classic - Black Trainer Classic - Black Trainer Classic - Black Trainer Classic - Black Trainer Classic - Black Trainer Classic - Black Trainer Classic - Black


  • FeetUp® Trainer, Classic Wood Frame
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  • Cushion, faux-leather (vegan) - Black
  • FeetUp® Asanas Poster (size A2) showing over 100 yoga, fitness and relaxation exercises that will be able to practice 
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  • FeetUp® Practitioner's Manual - including a First-Inversion Guide
  • Assembly Kit 
    (assembly takes only 5 minutes)

Graceful. Vegan. Sustainable.

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extremely easy and fun to use

extremely easy
and fun to use

100% Success on the first try

100% success
on the first try

1 minute a day brings 100% benefits

only 1 minute / day
for 100% benefits

Movement Motivator in your Home

movement motivator
in your home

Vegan and Sustainable

fair, vegan and

5-star Customer Reviews

customer ratings

10 years of market experience

10 years experience
on the EU market

FeetUp® Community

a large community
and lots of inspiration