December 19th, 2021

FeetUp Online Safety Certification Course | December 19, 2021

$149.99 USD

The FeetUp® Training & Certification Course provides the necessary skills for implementing the FeetUp® Trainer as an effective tool in the development of a well-rounded practice.

Yoga Alliance

Upon completion, attendees receive a Certificate recognizing 20 Yoga Alliance CEU hours with the option of completing an additional 10 CEU homework hours to be recognized as a Certified FeetUp® Instructor.
Click Here to view the full curriculum as listed on the Yoga Alliance page.

Each student will receive the official FeetUp® Teaching Manual, access to a great bulk discount as a new member of our family, and a weekend of good times studying wonderful things!

Interested in learning more, going deeper, and sharing the experience with others? JOIN US for this amazing event and switch perspective on your movement practice!

$249.99 $149.99

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DATE: Sunday, December 19
TIME: 10am - 3pm PST // 1 - 6pm EST

This afternoon workshop is made up of 8 components:

  1. Warm-up Class
  2. Introduction to the FeetUp Trainer (Design & Function)
  3. Anatomy of an Inversion (definition & discussion of structural alignment)
  4. Safety Precautions
  5. Understanding the First Inversion
  6. Creating Safe Space (solo practice & partner work)
  7. Building Awareness & Longevity in your Inversion Practice
  8. Homework introduction & review.
  9. Cool Down Class (time permitting)

 *Sections 2-8 will include time for live Q+A if needed.


Why should you attend?
You would like to learn more about how to invert safely using a FeetUp Trainer because you’re...
A) a student looking to deepen their own practice
B) a teacher that wants share their practice with others

Who is this certification for?
Anyone who believes that trust is an essential part of a well-rounded movement practice! This informative workshop will help all students build a solid foundation for a lifetime of practice no matter their skill level. For teachers who want to incorporate FeetUp into their classes, this safety workshop is the perfect springboard to begin inspiring their movement community with confidence!

Are there any pre-requisites?
Safety is for everyone, and everyone who has a regular FeetUp practice is invited to attend. Please be able to enter into and exit from an inversion with the FeetUp Trainer against the wall prior to taking this class! While the course material will help students better understand their inversion practice, we encourage participants to have a basic existing movement practice with their FeetUp. The instructor will not have time for working with each student in a one-on-one capacity during the workshop. 

Do I need to own a FeetUp Trainer to attend?
Yes. Students need to provide their own trainer in order to participate. Those without a trainer on hand will be not be allowed to join.

What do I need to participate?
In addition to providing your own FeetUp Trainer, you will need a stable internet connection and a laptop with audio/visual capabilities (microphone/camera). Students will be able to ask questions via text during the teaching components to be answered at the end of each section by the instructor, along with regular audio check-ins for more personalized instruction.

What happens once I sign up?
Once payment has been submitted, you should immediately get an order confirmation. Within 3-5 business days, you will receive an official introduction email to help set up your free two months with the FeetUp Experience! Registered participants will then get the classroom invitation and digital manual 7 days) before the scheduled event start time.

Is this course registered with Yoga Alliance?
Yes! Students who successfully complete of this course will receive 10 Continuing Education Hours with Yoga Alliance (5 contact, 5 non-contact). Participants must already be registered with YA in good standing in order to claim.

Will I be a Certified FeetUp Teacher after taking this course?

This course only offers 1/3 of the required material of the official teacher training curriculum, hence the certification title is different (FeetUp Inversion Safety Specialist). There is no substitute for the experience of in-person learning, especially when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the official FeetUp Teacher Training program and curriculum. We honor the efforts of those who have already invested the time and effort into their studies while encouraging others who wish pursue the same path. As such, students who take this online course will receive a discount to enroll in a live training of their choice so they can enjoy the full experience and eventually become a certified FeetUp Instructor!

Although you won't be a fully certified FeetUp Instructor (yet), you will have the tools and insight to safely incorporate the Trainer into your existing practice and help others do the same. Our goal is create a pathway to support FeetUp enthusiasts who are ready to share their practice with others in a safe and informed way.